B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology

Joint Studio Programs/Workshop

Energy Analysis & Simulation Workshop

Joint studio Program with Sushant School of Art & Architecture, Ansal University, Gurgaon

Joint studio programme was conducted by Crescent School of Architecture with the students of Sushant School of Art & Architecture was held on 10/01/2019.

The first year students of both schools of Architecture had an innovative and productive workshop on ''Book mark Design'' in which the students of both schools participated eagerly.

Air Dry Clay workshop

A part of the basic design studio - is all about exploring different media for model making and art works. When students progress to architectural designing and manual modeling - going ahead - these techniques and comfort with various materials will help them in choosing what's best for their presentations. Also enabling them to create their own unique styles.

Activities like these, are a fun and colourful inclusion in studio classes - a little break from monotony too! 

Outdoor Sketching - Mahabalipuram

Freshmen batch of B.Arch were taken on a one day trip to Mahabalipuram, ancient history rich town in the state of Tamil Nadu - with many of its sites under the UNESCO World Heritage list, for a live sketching session.

Live sketching is a great preliminary activity - that boosts observation levels and perspective sketching skills. Added advantage is the site's natural setup, clam and relaxing. The perfect blend of fun and learning right there!

Terracotta Clay Workshop

Students learn how to use clay.

Here, they have made 3D Art Tile Models of various elements of flora, fauna and geometric patterns . These would make for super cool decor once dried and baked !!!

Joint Seminar and ‘Rattan Model Making’ Workshop with LaSalle College, Jakarta, Indonesia

The representatives of LaSalle College of Design students and 37 students from Interior Design and Architecture of the Cresent School of Architecture jointly made rattan weaving in the workshop of "Rattan Model Making."

Software workshop

CSA in collaboration with Digital Intuition (@di_xlab) hosted a semester-integrated Digital & Parametric Architecture weekend sessions.

The focus was to design a temporary pavilion, based on a parameter and category of exploration the student groups chose.

This pavilion prototype will be further developed next academic semester, and be built into a life size pavilion in the campus premises. 

Joint studio Program with Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture and Design Studies (PIADS), Nagpur

The team of 35 students and three staff members from PIADS joined the students of third years of crescent school of architecture for the short joint studio program for a period of half a day in which they worked on a business card with logo design for their own Architectural office in the future.  

The program ended with a short felicitation program at the end. We anticipate to have many such events planned together in the future.

Joint studio Program with Lokmanya Thilak Institute of Architecture and Design Studies (LTIADS) , Navi Mumbai.

The team of 42 students and two staff members from LTIADS joined the students of first years of crescent school of architecture for the short joint studio program for a period of half a day in which they worked on A5 magazine cover for an architecture school, after a brief visit to the CSA block and it's facilities. The program ended with a short felicitation program at the end.

Case study to Cholamandalam Artists Village

Skill development class for first years

Textile workshop

One day workshop with SATCE - School of Architecture Thiagarajar College of Engineering

One day Workshop in Heriot-Watt University, dubai Campus.

The first year students of Crescent School of Architecture collaborated with the architectural students of Heriot-Watt University, Dubai Campus for one day design workshop. They have ended up in providing innovative design ideas for Dubai Expo,2020.

Collaboration with International University, UiTM, Malaysia

Bionic Bloom Interactive Installation

The installation aims to create an interactive wall with a reactive response according to user behaviour.

It also aims to assess the students in raising awareness of using technological solution that could be embedded in architectural system via coding, geometrical mechanics and behaviour psychology.

The work were executed with 3rd year under-grads as part of their computational studio.

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#parametricdesign #designinspiration #kinetics #handsonlearning


IALD India Light Workshops 2016 is a hands-on workshop event where professionals and students interact in a fun and educational environment.

IALD India Light Workshops event features a collective of light installations designed by students and professionals that will explain the lighting design process, while publically demonstrating how built environments can be enhanced through good lighting design. The planned light installations were organised within our school campus. Invited participants include students from our school and professionals. Using light as a critical tool, students have the opportunity to learn and implement good lighting concepts, while gaining firsthand experience by working alongside professionals. The professionals have the chance to think beyond real-life constraints as they explore the fun side of lighting by working alongside unrestricted and creative students. The presentation of the workshop results will have a significant impact on the market. This event is an opportunity for professionals from many related disciplines to view and discuss modern, trend-setting lighting concepts.