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B.Arch undergraduate degree program is a 5 year course which incorporates a curriculum focusing on the individual and society interface, consideration for energy, environment and sustainability, evolving a professional who could substantially contribute to the built environment.

Its substantial growth in the field of education due to its curriculum, focusing on the guidelines of sustainable environment and leading an individual to a professional platform. Rejuvenating new perspective of vision in the field of architecture which blends the modern day build environment accompanied by date to date technological advancement in the field of architecture.


  • The programme has been designed in such a way that emphasis is given more to studio subject, design.
  • Education in the design studio values leadership skills, individual creativity, and the understanding of problems and the ability to solve them as presented in the practice of architecture.
  • The School of Architecture’s mandate is for each student to understand architecture as a creative, productive, innovative, and responsible practice.
  • In addition to the design studios, theory cum studio and theory subjects serve as a basis for developing a comprehensive approach to architectural design.
  • The design studio is a workshop in which students come together to present and discuss projects and proposals with fellow classmates, faculty, visiting critics, professionals.
  • The design studio combines individual and group instruction, varying from desk critiques with individual faculty members, to pin-ups before several faculty members, to more formal midterm and final reviews before faculty and guest critics - all undertaken with the intention of fostering critical thinking, spatial form-making skills, and tectonic skills.


  • Enhance creativity of students by exposure through informative educational visits and joint studio programs with international colleges.
  • Strengthen intellectual growth and the capacity to develop creative and responsible solutions to unique and changing problems by involving them in many reviews and discussions.
  • Help the students to acquire the individual capabilities necessary for the competent practice of architecture and lifelong learning.
  • Unfold a qualifying professional capable of innovation competence keeping in view the ever revolving competitive nature of the world.
  • The architects of the institute will acknowledge and preserve social ethics and ethnicity with regards to the modern day transformation and have a commitment to quality with ethical values, timelessness in architecture with continuous improvement.


Master of Architecture

Crescent School of Architecture strives to provide essence of timelessness in our Architectural Education.

Bachelor of Interior Architecture

The Institute is amongst the first and the best interior design colleges in the city, providing a 4 year full time undergraduate course of B.Des.