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Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture by Dr. Rowland Travis

Speaker: Dr. Rowland Travis, Associate Professor, University of Nottingham.

Crescent School of Architecture, thanks Dr. Travis for his time and sharing valuable knowledge on how Fuel Cells can influence Energy Efficiency in Architecture for advanced futuristic solutions in the fields of Engineering and Architecture to our interning students of B.Arch Batch 2016. We're sure this will trigger intrigue for further understanding and exploration in this domain. 

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Guest Lecture by Er. J.A. Nazar

Speaker: Er. J.A. Nazar, Managing Director, Omega Sanitations

A combined guest lecture for students of B.Arch and B.Des. Batch 2017 on Fire Safety Measures in Design and process involved. They also received first hand practical information regarding the topic.

Practical knowledge of important aspects of planning, like these, are very important to efficient designing. For their Corporate Office and Star Hotel designs, respectively, students also discussed about fire saftey requirements, rules and standards.

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Guest Lecture by Ar. Solomon Vedamuthu

Crescent School of Architecture was honoured Ar. Solomon D. Vedamuthu, Director, McGan's Ooty School of Architecture and Ex Member, Council of Architecture to talk with our young minds - Students of B.Arch, I year, B.Arch (Batch: 2019-2014)

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Guest lecture by Ar. Abhijeet Shirodkar

Speaker: Ar. Abhijeet Shirodkar, Director, Amity School of Architecture and Planning.

Final year architecture students, were imparted of insightful knowledge on dissertation and thesis presentations.

As they prepare for the final semester of their undergraduate degree in architecture, we'd like to wish B.Arch. Batch 2015 the best! And our heartfelt thank you to Ar. Abhijeet for his valuable time and sharing his experiences of the field, to our students at CSA.

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Architecture in my own view - Ar. Krishna Misra

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“Facilities management for Architects” by Mr. Arul Jothi Singaram for III year students

“Architectural Design” by Ar. Benny Kuriakose on 12.03.16 II, III & V year students.

“Design Teaching Pedagogy” by Ar. Harimohan Pillai on 5th March 2016 III year students.

Seminar on HVAC by Mr. Sheshadri for II & III years on 16.04.16

“Lighting Design aspects” by Ar. Amardeep Dugar for all batches.

“Sustainability, Housing & Urban Development” by Dr. Akthar Badusha on 15th October 2015 for all the year students.

“Architectural works” by Ar. Murali Murugan for all batches

“All Scale matter – Reimagining our Urban Environments” by Ar. Biju Kuriakose for all batches.