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Climatology Lab

Climatology lab is equipped with state of the art “Total Weather Station”. The indoor base unit displays important current weather information from the outdoor sensors, such us thermo – hygro sensors and transmitter, rain sensor, wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, humidity, and temperature.

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Computer Lab

Computer lab at CSA a state of the art lab facility with high end desktops with latest software for enhancing the soft skills of students to use the latest software in building design and documentation.

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Material Museum

The Material Museum at CSA a vibrant and exciting place for the students of Architecture & Design, where they are free to explore hundreds of different materials for their projects, discover the latest trends and innovations, get expert advice a place to be inspired and motivated.

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The department Library at CSA has around 2000 volumes of books, National and International journals giving extensive reference material and exposure to the students of CSA.

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Model making workshop

Model making workshop is equipped with Thermopolis cutting machines, Measuring Tapes 5M/15M/30M, Hammers, Steel scales (1m/0.5m), Acrylic Cutting Mats and Carving tool kits. Model making workshop is the allotted space where the students indulge in various organised Workshops as well as for their design Models.

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